Tasters Plate

Mini Apple Tatin, Strawberry Mousse in Chocolate Shell, Rich Chocolate Black Corral Cake, Fanned Strawberry, and Truffle on a Painted Plate With Raspberry Coulis and Sabayon Sauce

Apple Tatin With Sliced Calvados Apples, Dusted With Confectionary Sugar, Laced With a Raspberry Coulis, Decorated With Fresh Seasonal Berries and Wintergreen Sprig of Mint

Poached Baby Pears in a Red Wine Sauce Decorated With Spun Sugar Individual Hazelnut Soufflé Dusted With Confectionery Sugar and Topped With an Almond Toulie Surrounded by Dallops of Tropical Sorbet on a Bed of Mango and Kiwi sauces

Macadamia Nut Dome Filled With Chocolate Torte on a Painted Plate Garnished With a Sprig of Mint and Raspberries

A Chocolate Bomb Filled With a Pear Mousse Surrounded by Wedges of Wine Soaked Poached Pear, Garnished with Fresh Berries and Mint

Warm Apple Cobbler Dusted With Confectioners Sugar, a Swizzle Stick, a Drizzle of Raspberry Sauce and a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream in a Soufflé Cup

Trio Of Dark Chocolate Shells With Chocolate Mousse And White Chocolate Mousse Of Berries In The Center

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