Hibachi Station
Grilled Chicken Shish Kabobs, Grilled Meat Shish Kabobs, Grilled Vegetables to Include Portabella Mushrooms, Tri Colored Peppers, Zucchini and Yellow Squash Brushed With Basil Infused Olive Oil.

Spare Rib Station
Chef to Prepare on Request – Spare Ribs on the Bone Over Rice.

Mushroom Sauté Station
Set with an Exotic Mushroom Display – Chefs to Offer Guests from an Assortment of Porcinni, Shitake, Portabello and Oyster Mushrooms with Roasted Shallots in a Merlot Wine Reduction Served over Polenta Risotto and Vol Au Vent Shells.

Our Famous Old Fashioned Lower East Side Deli Station
Corned Beef, Brisket of Beef, Romanian Pastrami, Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast to Order all Served With Appropriate Condiments on Fresh Club or Rye Bread. Set Against a Backdrop Setting of Regular and Hard Long Salamis, Knockwurst and Frankfurters, Pickle Barrels with Sour and Half Sour Pickles, Old Fashioned Coke Bottles, and a Complete Selection of Dr. Browns Sodas and Egg Creams Made to Order Our Chefs to be Dressed in Deli Garb They will Serve to Order Hot Romanian Pastrami, Cured Corned Beef, Brisket of Beef, Turkey Breast, Pickled Tongue, Salami and Bologna All Served on Club, Rye, White and Pumpernickel Breads Accompanied by Mustard, Ketchup, Cranberry Sauce, Russian Dressing, Potato Salad and Cole Slaw.

Sushi Station
Master Japanese Sushi Chefs to Prepare to Order – A Selection of Fresh Sushi, Served with an Assortment of Oriental and California Hand Rolls and Displays, Appropriate Condiments.

Caviar Station
Whitefish and Salmon Caviar. Served on Hollowed Red Bliss Potatoes and Toast Points,  in a Huge Ice Bowl, Decorated with Fresh Orchids.

Dim Sum Station
Steamed Dumplings Flavored With Chicken and Snow Peas Lamb With Leeks Beef With Water Chestnuts Rolling Moo Shu Ducks With Strips of Mixed Vegetables With Five Spices and Sesame All Served With Oriental Dipping Sauce.

Mashed Potato Station
Beautiful Display of Assorted Onions and Variety of Whole Potatoes – Waiters To Serve Hot Mashed Potatoes To Guests From Chafing Dishes Into Soup Crocks With Assorted Toppings To Include Chives, Onions, Mushrooms And Brown Sauce and Mashed Sweet Potatoes in Baked Skins with the Following Toppings: Sauteed Mushrooms, Onions, Bacos, Spinach and Onion Frizzle.

Tuna Searing Station
Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna And Norwegian Salmon. To Be Seared By Perfection On A Hibachi Grill.
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